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Devilish Publishing's established brass band sheet music catalogue is composed of works that have been recorded and performed internationally. We have chosen to develop a brass band sheet music catalogue that is far different than other publishers, turning particular attention to light music that has personality and character.

The music is printed to the very highest standards, ensuring a strong, clean and exceptionally musical sheet music print is presented to brass band musicians. We have been using Lilypond to typeset our brass band music for some time now and are working through our legacy publications to bring them up to our new publishing standard. You will find music from Simon Kerwin, Rodney Newton, James McFadyen, Mike Lyons, Ruud Vermeij, Marcus Venables and many others.

Brass Bands are often thought of as playing old-fashioned music, hymns and marches, and although this staple repertoire still runs through the banding movement, there is much new music and new ideas coming through 21st Century brass banding. Devilish Publishing is the music publisher of choice for bands and conductors looking for concert repertoire that is different, unique and filled to the brim with musicality.

Progressive conductors will enjoy working through the brass band sheet music catalogue of Devilish Publishing; finding all the interesting pathways in making their brass band produce a deep and meaningful sound that goes beyond staple repertoire, which can often sound dated and derivative.

Editor's Picks

The editor would like you to purchase these fabulous pieces. No more to be said, really. Just hit the buy button and everyone is happy! Why buy one, when you can have two at twice the price.

Concert Openers

Open your concert in style and with a taste of verve. Bit of a change from the traditional opening of a march. We know, you're a radical, aren't you!

Intergalactic Space Vibes

To infinity, and... well you know how it goes! No need to spend billions transporting your audiences into space; take them on an auditory trip with these out-of-this-world pieces!


Sometimes you just need some music that's split into three distinct sections. Add these charts to your concert programmes to give your audiences that extra flavour of brass band heaven.

Famous Hymns

A brass band isn't a brass band without a hymn or two. Prove us wrong. Our hymn selection is quite radical... can you handle it?

Traditional & Classical Treats

Traditional. Booorrrrriiing. Hmmm, wait a minute. You won't find anything boring and ordinary here. It's traditional Jim, but not as we know it.

Enchanting Fanfares

Fanfares are grand things. Not all fanfares have 'that' regal English sound. Try these ones out, they're fanfare-tastic!

Solos & Features

For the show-offs and superstars in your band! Not all soloists are created equal, and neither are the solos they play. Let the games begin!

Something a bit Different

Bit of an odd one this, because we specialise in something a bit different. Anyway, we've selected a few items which might just spark that inner musical rebel in you.

Jazz Club... Nice!

Some say brass bands can't swing. We say otherwise. Show your audiences what you can do with these smooth charts.

A Bit of Pop

We have a few pop numbers with which you can wow your audiences with. Pop music never dies; experience the best of it...

Music for the Bandstand

It will soon be that time again! Playing in the baking hot sun under a spider-infested bandstand. Fun! Let's cheer everyone up with these tasty numbers.

The New March Journal

New marches. The greats are really great, aren't they!? But we need a new catalogue of marches. It starts right here! (They are printed on march cards, by the way!)

Christmas Crackers

Spread the festive cheer this season with our special Christmas numbers. Time is running out, but there's still time to squeeze that extra-special piece into your final concerts!

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