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Devilish Publishing's established brass band sheet music catalogue is composed of works that have been recorded and performed internationally. We have chosen to develop a brass band sheet music catalogue that is far different than other publishers, turning particular attention to light music that has personality and character.

The music is printed to the very highest standards, ensuring a strong, clean and exceptionally musical sheet music print is presented to brass band musicians. We have been using Lilypond to typeset our brass band music for some time now and are working through our legacy publications to bring them up to our new publishing standard. You will find music from Simon Kerwin, Rodney Newton, James McFadyen, Mike Lyons, Ruud Vermeij, Marcus Venables and many others.

Brass Bands are often thought of as playing old-fashioned music, hymns and marches, and although this staple repertoire still runs through the banding movement, there is much new music and new ideas coming through 21st Century brass banding. Devilish Publishing is the music publisher of choice for bands and conductors looking for concert repertoire that is different, unique and filled to the brim with musicality.

Progressive conductors will enjoy working through the brass band sheet music catalogue of Devilish Publishing; finding all the interesting pathways in making their brass band produce a deep and meaningful sound that goes beyond staple repertoire, which can often sound dated and derivative.

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