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The Devilish Publishing Playalong Series is an exciting project of top-quality playalongs for Bb and Eb wind instrumentalists. Most playalongs are produced in the Devilish Publishing studio, but we're also bringing other producers onboard for greater diversity and quantity.

It is our belief that a playalong series needs to be a great listening experience as well as a great performing experience, so not only do we think you will enjoy playing these, but also enjoying listening to them too. Each playalong features a FREE DEMO so you can hear how it all sounds together before you purchase.

We supply both Bb and Eb pitched parts which are aimed at the brass family, but instruments of the woodwind family will also find these playalongs useful, such as clarinet, tenor and alto saxophones.

Along with the PDF sheet music, the backing track is supplied in high quality MP3, as well as CD-quality WAV. All modern devices can play both of these formats.

Traditional & Classical Favourites

Play your traditional favourites in new and exciting ways. Wow your friends and family or show your fans your great sound, playing these fab little numbers.

Tasty Originals

Have lots of fun playing these original playalong charts. From house tracks, to ambient classical soundscapes, you can enjoy this ever-growing collection of original melodies and backing tracks.


A selection of playalongs with a dancey vibe, a la house and techno. If it has a four-to-the-floor kick drum, it's in this list!

Christmas Treats

A seasonally-juicy collection of Yuletide favourites, guaranteed to make this Christmas truly unforgeable. Yes, we know... we've over-egg(nogged) that one! We'll stop there. Get festive!

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