Devilish Publishing Music Publishers
Devilish Publishing Music Publishers

Submit Your Music

At Devilish Publishing, we are committed to finding great music from all around the globe. We are currently accepting scores for:

  • Brass Band
  • Concert Band (Symphonic Band)
  • Small ensemble (brass or wind; quartets, quintets, small ensemble)
  • Music books for trumpet (or any brass instrument). Will consider woodwind
  • Single pieces for any brass instrument (with or without accompaniment. Will consider woodwind
  • Do you publish original compositions?
    Yes! We actively encourage submissions of original compositions as they are the bedrock of music publishing.

  • I have arranged a pop song, will you consider this?
    Of course! We consider all submitted scores very carefully. We do not specialise in this form of publishing, but generally-speaking, we are less likely to approve your arrangement for publication if it is very basic, unimaginative or derivative.

  • My music is already typeset, will it be published faster?
    No. All our publications are typeset from scratch. Our rigorous editorial and engraving process is designed to produce beautiful copy and ensure the best-possible layouts. This results in a product fit for the price range of our publications.

  • How can I increase my chances of music being accepted for publication?
    There's no straight single answer for this, because our decision is based on several factors, some of which you will not have control over. However, always remember the following: Submit your work which best represents you and think our customers would be interested in. Recordings can help (MIDI is perfectly fine). If you have a platform, tell us about it (including links to social media, etc). Major up-coming performances/recordings? - tell us!

  • How long does it take to hear back about a decision?
    We now have a platform in place that allows you to track the progress of your submission. We are putting a big focus on talent right now, and every submission is carefully considered. Typically, publishing decisions are reached within 1 week.

  • How do I submit?
    Easy! Just signup for an account, and upload your music in the account dashboard, and we'll take care of the rest. Please note, we are no longer accepting submissions by email. This allows us to keep the submission process efficient and timely. Even if you have submitted to us before, you must still use the uploading system on our site.