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Paul de Stexhe


Paul de Stexhe started learning the trumpet at the age of 11 at the local fanfare band's music school. For a few years, he learned the trumpet and the basics of music theory, and met many seasoned musicians who opened many doors to help cultivate his art.

It was only around the age of 17 that his passion for music and love for the cornet literally took hold of him, and in his words, "It [music] became a hobby that was omnipresent in my life, and for which I did not spare my efforts to meet my own goals."

During Paul's musical journey, he had the opportunity to join one of the finest European brass bands, Brassband Buizingen, of which he currently holds the position of principal cornet. Brassband Buizingen is a high level ensemble where Paul is able to climb to near professional standard.

During the 2020/21 Covid-19 pandemic, Paul launched all his videos on YouTube, which allowed him to raise his musical level through diligent work and recording experience.

Paul joined Devilish Publishing in 2021 as a performing artist for our playalong demos.