Devilish Publishing Music Publishers
Devilish Publishing Music Publishers

About Our New Website

Over 18 months in the making, this new website marks a step-up in Devilish Publishing's brand. Up until now, we've been using off-the-shelf e-commerce/CMS platforms, such as Prestashop and wordpress to deliver our shopping and blog experiences, respectively.

However, both these platforms, and all other pre-build systems are inherently flawed by their generic design. We wanted our customers and web visitors to have a more bespoke experience, tailored to us and you.

We built the website using the Django web framework; a backend framework that allows us to code the website in Python. Don't worry, you don't need to install anything to use our website, as all the HTML frontend has been developed for this, seamlessly integrating the backend processes and logic with the frontend feel and usability.

Usability is at the top of our list for the website. With nearly 20 years in publishing, we understand our customers don't need fancy millennial-style interfaces; you need to find the stuff you want, quickly and efficiently. And moreover, you need to feel comfortable on the website.

This idea of comfort is something we continually think about. Three things were important in this regard; the colour pallette, the interface framing and visual flow of objects and visuals.

We have taken the decision to soften the Devilish Publishing colours, making it altogether more feminine, with a mixture of bold and pastel colours. The addition of big and bold CTAs, such as the 'add to cart' button is a particular favourite of ours!

With the exception of using the website on small screens, we didn't want the website to run to the entire size of the screen. Instead, we wanted to package it in a container from top to bottom, and leave the sides with considerable breathing space. We believe this contributes to the comfortable feel when using the website; there's never the feeling of anything running off the end of the page, and as a result the shorter line length makes reading and use of the site far more pleasurable.

Finally, the flow and visuals of the website was considered at great length, particularly that of the product pages. These pages are carefully balanced graphically, with due attention given to the description section for readability and comfort.