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MGMT – Little Dark Age
by James McFadyen

A review of MGMT's 'Little Dark Age' album from 2019. A track-by-track look at each song on the album, and if you're a fan the glossy 80s pop sound, this album is for you.
Listening Skills For Musicians
by James McFadyen

Us human beings like to think of ourselves as special, and as such we can sometimes falsely qualify our ability. In short, we are never as good as we think we are. How can you boost your listening skills today?
Publishing your Own Sheet Music
by James McFadyen

Publishing your own sheet music has been a viable option in music for quite some time. It brings with much it freedom and control, but is all this control a good thing? Let's find out!
Become a Better Brass Player in 1 Week
by James McFadyen

Everyone wants to become a better brass player in 1 week. The question is, how does one achieve this? Everyone can become a better brass player with this handy guide.